"Andrew is the best manager I have ever worked for. He shows an incredible love for Shopify and willingness to continually go above and beyond. Andrew is one of the most empathetic people I know. During my time at Shopify, he and I would talk about different ways to improve our communication as a company with our employees and our merchants. He has taken entrepreneurship seriously and has the boldness to try, learn and fail. Andrew is one of the main reasons I enjoyed working at Shopify because he is an incredible advocate, and is representative of the culture that Shopify is trying to foster."

- Jared Henriques, former direct report

"Throughout his time at Shopify, Andrew has shown a great deal of care for both our merchants and Shopify’s employees. He consistently completes projects with an impeccable amount of detail, insight and organization. Andrew is excellent at managing priorities while maintaining deep and meaningful relationships with his teammates and his squad. This combined with his personal retail experience (both through running his own stores and Shopify’s retail tours) makes him an excellent fit for the Ecommerce Manager role. I have no doubt that he’d be an exceptional addition to your team."

- Sarah Skrobek, Andrew's manager of over 2 years